ADP Portal Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the ADP Portal Login:

Logging into the ADP portal page:

1. First off, visit this link. If you would prefer, feel free to open a new tab on yoru browser and copy and paste the link into the address bar. This is the site you need to visit to login to the ADP portal.
2. Select the option that suits your needs, either user or administrator login. These instructions will assume you need to login as a user, but logging in as an administrator follows the same principles outlined in these steps.
3. When you click on the grey "user login" page, you will see a smal window pop up that asks you to fill in some information.
4. The first bit of information you need to include is you username. Input your username into the top box marked for this very purpose.
5. The second thing you need to do here is enter in your password into the password box. This is a pretty straightforward process, and you should't have much trouble with it if you are careful about putting the information into both boxes carefully.
6. When this information is entered in, you can either press the enter button on your keyboard or click on the "log in" button in this same window. With this done, you have logged into the ADP Portal.


Resetting your ADP Password:

1. The first thing you need to do here is the same thing you needed to do with the steps above. Just visit the ADP Portal login page to get started, and then follow the steps below.
2. You will see, underneath the login buttons, a series of red bulleted links. Sifting through these at first may be a bit confusing, but you only need one of them. There are two that seem useful, "change your password" and "forgot your password." Since the second one often has loading errors, simply click on "change your password" which is a much easier process.
3. After clicking on the "change your password" link, you will see a window appear that looks like the one from the login process. Simply fill this one out the same way. If you need detailed instructions on this process, refer to steps four, five, and six above.
4. Since you have by now entered in all the necessary information in the popup window, you just need now to follow the instructions for resetting your password that show up on the site. Within minutes, you should be able to log on using your new password.

ADP Contact Information:

1. Current ADP Clients - To Add New Products or Services
Call 800-CALL ADP (800-225-5237)
24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week
2. Current ADP Clients - For Client Support issues
Please contact your local ADP Service Center for your specific product or
3. Visit this page to email ADP: